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Height/Three sizes159cm B87(E) W55 H86
What was your previous job?I am a secretary for an executive.
Do you masturbate?"I do it every day."
Hobby?Watching sports.
Favorite type?"A person who can lead me."
blame? Acceptance?"I like both of them."
Good play?"I love licking."
What is the erogenous zone?I am sensitive to being teased on my back.

Appeal comment

I will do my best to make the older brother who invited me feel good♡


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Comment from store manager

★Top-class beauty★ ★Service-oriented★ ★Every part is perfect!★

An exceptional talent that exceeds all standards! Her beauty is envied by everyone! This is a rare opportunity to meet her!!

Eno-san has a unique pheromone despite her youth!

For customers who prioritize visuals! A must-see!
Her facial features, body line, and beautiful legs! Every part is perfect!
Not only her looks, but also her polite and humble personality leave a good impression! I am confident that you will be satisfied with the best service and spend a fulfilling time!
Polished beautiful skin and outstanding style with sophistication!
Only those who have met her can understand her voice, gestures, and atmosphere! For those who want to spend a rich night...

I highly recommend it with absolute confidence☆ Once you embrace this body, you won't forget it! Please come and entangle your skin with hers!

★最高級美女★ ★服務精神旺盛★ ★所有部位都完美無缺!★



臉蛋・身材曲線・美腿! 所有部位都完美無缺!

我絕對有自信推薦☆ 一旦擁有她的身體,就再也無法忘記!請務必試試纏繞著她的肌膚!