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Height/Three sizes160cm B86(D) W55 H85
What was your previous job?"I worked as a salesperson!"
Do you masturbate?I will do it (。>﹏<。)
Hobby?Looking for delicious cafes ♡
Favorite type?A manly man♡
blame? Acceptance?Both are good, aren't they? ♡
Good play?snuggling?
What is the erogenous zone?When my breasts and clitoris are touched gently..

Appeal comment

"I'll do my best so that you'll say you want to see me again because I've healed you a lot♡ Let's stick together and feel good♡"


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Comment from store manager

She is a woman befitting a luxury store, with a refined and elegant style and graceful demeanor. With a pure and innocent countenance, her cute eyes exude a mysterious radiance, complemented by a slender nose and luscious, soft-looking lips that resemble exquisite sweets. Her body is slender yet boasts a magnificent form, with a perfect waistline and graceful leg lines that showcase her stunning curves and eye-catching beauty. There is no greater pleasure than being in the presence of someone as delightful as her.

The curve of her alluring hips and the slender, gorgeous lines of her legs are enough to leave one breathless. Her body speaks volumes and is even more alluring than words can describe. Her smooth, sensitive, and white skin will stimulate your brain and transport you to a dreamlike world, creating an unforgettable and sensual experience.

Furthermore, her greatest attribute is her hospitable and gentle personality, making her even more likable. Her captivating smile will steal your heart and her demeanor, speech, vocabulary, manners, and poise are all exceptional, making her a perfectly complete woman. She guarantees you a relaxing and indulgent time that will make both your body and soul melt away.

Experience a dreamlike state, where layers upon layers of petals unfurl elegantly. Indulge in this luxury to your heart's content and enjoy a blissful time that will remain etched in your memory forever, in your own private space.