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Height/Three sizes165cm B86(E) W56 H85
What was your previous job?Receptionist at a certain department store.
Do you masturbate?-
Hobby?Movie watching and sports viewing.
Favorite type?"Kind person."
blame? Acceptance?I like both of them (*^^)v.
Good play?I want to do my best in anything (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
What is the erogenous zone?"I am sensitive in my chest, intimate area, and neck ♡"

Appeal comment

My name is Shizuka. I'll do my best to provide a lot of healing. Nice to meet you and thank you in advance. 💗

我叫しずか😊 我会努力让您感到舒适,希望得到您的支持和信赖💗。请多多关照。

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Comment from store manager

I've been waiting for a girl like this! When it comes to looks, there's not a single flaw!

She's at a level where 100 out of 100 people would say "cute"!

Introducing the genuine, tall model-style, almost actress-level beauty, Shizuka.

She's a thrilling special lady with all the qualities you'd look for in a girlfriend... Have you ever thought of doing something naughty to that beautiful girl at work?

Well, go ahead and unleash those emotions and fantasies on her!

With her charming, pretty, big eyes, a slender, toned, and beautiful pair of legs, a bewitching bust that plays a sweet melody, a waistline that curves to perfection, and a hip line that draws curves that are just too enticing, her high-quality, sensual body will undoubtedly captivate your gaze!

Just by looking at her, your heart will start to dance with anticipation for the services that may unfold, and you'll find yourself lost in countless fantasies...

Before you know it, you'll find yourself cherishing your time with her, wishing it could last just a bit longer.

She wants to provide a healing space for her customers, and she's overflowing with kindness and the desire to satisfy each and every one of them. So come and enjoy her ultimate play!