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Height/Three sizes165cm B86(D) W55 H86
What was your previous job?Medical field.
Do you masturbate?"I do it occasionally."
Hobby?It is eating delicious food.
Favorite type?Someone who is considerate.
blame? Acceptance?"I think I'm more of a receiver."
Good play?"I'm still studying."
What is the erogenous zone?I am sensitive and can feel pleasure anywhere.

Appeal comment

I have absolutely no experience, so I'm really nervous. I'm still learning, so please be gentle and teach me everything.


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Comment from store manager

A tall and beautiful woman with no industry experience suddenly appears. She has a very gentle and soothing presence that combines beauty and cuteness. While exuding the elegance of a young lady, she is approachable and gradually ignites men's instincts with her hidden erotic personality. She is a reliable and serious person, yet there is a hint of vulnerability in her demeanor, which is one of her charms. She will undoubtedly make any man's heart beat faster.

Her figure is impeccable - slender and tall with a nicely proportioned D-cup bust. Her long limbs add to her sex appeal. Her model-like features are stunning.

Although she may be inexperienced, she is a submissive and obedient woman whose strong interest and curiosity in sexual matters stems from her lack of experience. There is no doubt that she will do her best to please you. She desires to see the smiles on the faces of those she meets, and her enthusiasm is at an all-time high.

She has a very gentle and sincere demeanor and is always considerate of those around her. She is also a bit of a spoiled child at times. She is the kind of woman that men want to protect.

She is the kind of woman that every man wants to meet. As she is completely new to the industry, please treat her with kindness.