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Height/Three sizes162cm B87(55) WE H85
What was your previous job?"I can't tell you, it's a secret 💖"
Do you masturbate?"I will do it (for you) with pleasure ❤️"
Hobby?I am quite skilled at cooking ✌✨
Favorite type?Someone who can enjoy spending time with me to the fullest 💖
blame? Acceptance?I like both of them 💖.
Good play?"I offer oral sex 💖"
What is the erogenous zone?"It might be harder to find the spots that don't make me feel good instead"

Appeal comment

Let's spend a fun and intense time together, just the two of us 💖
Looking forward to it 🥰


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Comment from store manager

With a gentle yet dignified beauty, a radiant smile, and a supple figure, it's rare to come across someone at the level of her beauty. Her legs are slender yet feminine, with a delightful sense of fullness in just the right places, and her large, expressive eyes guarantee an instant feeling of awe the moment you see her. She shines with a presence that seems to have escaped from the sun itself, a gentle lady whose smile is her most attractive feature.

It's not just her looks, either: with a bright and kind personality, she can envelop men in a soothing atmosphere. Her every gesture, expression, and way of speaking is simply adorable and endearing beyond belief. Her pure smile needs no embellishment and can charm anyone, even those meeting her for the first time, and she will put your heart at ease with her candidness.

It's frustrating to think about how many compliments are needed to truly convey her appeal. The only way to experience the real "beauty," "kindness," and "hospitality" she radiates is to meet her in person. Her beauty, unrivaled and timeless, has the power to captivate every man.