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Height/Three sizes162cm B86(E) W55 H84
What was your previous job?Event companion
Do you masturbate?"Yes."
Hobby?I enjoy eating out (^^♪)
Favorite type?A kind and proactive person.
blame? Acceptance?I am good at both.
Good play?It's a love-filled intimate play 💗.
What is the erogenous zone?breasts and pussy

Appeal comment

I will never let you regret it, I promise. 😊


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Comment from store manager

Introducing the stunningly beautiful "Shiori" overflowing with a sense of purity!

With her well-proportioned and beautiful face, taut and supple skin, and white and slender fingers, she provides a luxurious and provocative service despite her youth!

With her slender body and full E-cup breasts, she is the epitome of a charming and sweet beauty, both in terms of her service and personality, and is one of the top healing women at our establishment!

Her elegant and alluring aura, coupled with her transparency, exudes a sense of sophistication that elevates her to another level. At times, her mature expressions and atmosphere captivate with a gaze that will undoubtedly send your heart racing.

In today's society where stress easily accumulates, she is sure to become your goddess of healing!

With her pure and innocent nature, spending time with her is sure to be a comforting experience! Her shy smile is lovely, so be sure to spend a wonderful time with her in bed as long as your schedule allows!