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Height/Three sizes163cm B86(E) W55 H84
What was your previous job?race queen
Do you masturbate?Yes
Hobby?Watching sports, watching movies
Favorite type?Someone who is kind to both men and women
blame? Acceptance?I like both A.
Good play?I'm thinking
What is the erogenous zone?Over there😚

Appeal comment

I'm shy, but I'll do my best to be healed, so I'm looking forward to seeing you (^^♪


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Comment from store manager

[Completely inexperienced in the industry] [A beautiful woman who is sophisticated, neat and full of unknown charm! ]

For a special woman, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest
We will guide you from [90 minutes course or more].

Introducing [Kokoro], who has both gorgeousness and elegance that makes you feel a refreshing breeze the moment you meet her!

"It's very exciting to interact with a man. I'm nervous, but I'll do my best to satisfy you."
From that gesture, you should be able to recall the pure feeling of holding a woman for the first time.

A small face covered in beautiful clean black hair and moist eyes are impressive

You will be sucked in when you notice the double double, which is also synonymous with beautiful women.

With her cuteness and beauty, she should be compatible with people of all ages!

From the well-shaped and firm E-cup bust to the waist with a conspicuous waist...and from the feminine rounded hips to the long straight legs below her knees...

The beautiful body line drawn by her whole body is the ideal form that all women envy, and it exudes a fascinating sex appeal that can not be hidden even if you try to hide it.

Looks, style, personality, everything is perfect! ! !

【完全没有从业经验】【干练利落,充满不为人知魅力的美女! ]

我们将从 [90 分钟课程或更多] 开始指导您。








长相、风格、个性,样样都堪称完美! ! !