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Height/Three sizes164cm B88(E) W55 H87
What was your previous job?I am a childcare worker!
Do you masturbate?Before I know it, I end up doing it...
Hobby?Collecting small items and visiting cafes.
Favorite type?Someone who is kind and has manly spirit!
blame? Acceptance?I am M, but I will do my best to make you feel good!
Good play?It's a blowjob!
What is the erogenous zone?"I have a lot of them 💦"

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Let's cuddle and feel good together 💖


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Comment from store manager

When you're stared at by those sexy eyes, you feel like you're frozen in place... She's a woman who continuously exudes such dangerous pheromones.

Her most attractive feature is her sexy body line that will leave you staring, and her stunning E-cup bust that will make anyone stop in their tracks.

The moment you open the door, you'll be surrounded by her elegant and bewitching aura. You'll naturally imagine her writhing on the bed.

Her refined and calm adult sexiness, mixed with the gap of her mischievous smile that sometimes peeks through, will make any man fall under her spell.

Furthermore, her courteous and elegant atmosphere will make you feel her soft and mature charm and her kindness. There is no doubt that her abundant charm will receive high praise from everyone. With her thoughtful hospitality, she will surely help reset your worn-out spirit.

Above all, she has an innate sincerity that is so naive that her naturally beaming smile will bring peace to your heart and heal your soul.

Her sweet voice that titillates men's hearts and her smile that gives a sense of relief will make you realize that her charm is inexhaustible. You will undoubtedly feel a happiness that you have never experienced before just by being in the same space with her.

She says, "I will do everything I can to serve you." You may be surprised by how much she is willing to do for you.

Please spend a blissful time with her, who is full of hospitality.