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2023/08/17 21:15
Yesterday, an unusual friend invited me for a drink.

There's a bar I've been going to a lot lately, so why don't we go together?
I was invited, so I decided to follow

The bar had a great atmosphere and a wide variety of drinks.
It's just that there are too many kinds of alcohol that you can hardly understand

Originally, I didn't know much about the names of cocktails.

I didn't understand it at all, so I asked the bartender and he said he would make it to my liking.
to have it made

I drank a few cups, so I forgot the name,
All cocktails were really delicious.

I was wondering why because it was an invitation from a friend who doesn't usually drink at all
It seems that he invited the bartender who made the cocktail because he was dating and wanted to introduce him.

Somehow I got to share my happiness

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